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I read it on the Internet!!!

the vast amount of false information on the internet is mind boggling, and I cringe every time I get a call from someone with a question about their German Shepherd and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is; "I read on the internet that my dog should....." Please, I'm begging you...stop reading the internet.

The advice you are getting on the internet is likely written by someone who "likes dogs." They have a computer and a blog and well, they feel that their affinity for the breed makes them an expert on the subject. Some have even gone so far as to charge for their wisdom...Please don't fall for that. Further, it is highly likely that the person proffering this advice has never bred a German Shepherd dog in their life. Now how would you like to take flying lessons from someone who has never flown a plane? Right! Neither would I.

If you have a health question about your German Shepherd, call a qualified breeder or a Veterinarian, but here again, be careful. Don't call your breeder looking for advice if your dog is sick, and likewise, don't call your Veterinarian looking for advice if you are considering buying two puppies from the same litter. Except in the case of normal growth and development, your breeder is not a licensed medical expert and it is unlikely that your vet has been a breeder for many years and experienced how a particular breed grows and develops. The breeder has raised dozens of puppies and hundreds more that they have sold over the years and a good breeder can and will tell you what to expect and when you should seek the advice of a qualified Veterinarian.

Here is a hypothetical example of what I am talking about...and, by the way, all we are talking about here is common sense.

Don't call the breeder or seek answers on the internet if your Shepherd suddenly develops a large growth on its neck. Call your Veterinarian straight away.

Don't call your vet or seek answers on the internet if you are curious about placing two puppies in your home from the same litter. Discuss this with your breeder. As an example...placing two puppies from the same litter in your home is fine with caveats such as the size of your home and yard, who is home during the day, or not home!! How active you are, etc. These are the things that a well qualified breeder will be able to discuss with you and help you ascertain, and by the way, a good breeder will tell you that it isn't a good idea when the environment isn't conducive to it.

I've also witnessed, with varying degrees of disappointment, the effect that training your German Shepherd has had from advice gleaned from the Internet. Here again, it is very likely that this is advice from someone who has never bred or maybe even owned a German Shepherd.

In the end, what we are really talking about is the health, safety, and wellbeing of your Shepherd and it is up to you to carefully seek advice from those who really know what they are talking about. Cyberspace is a dark place with much information that has the potential to do more harm than good.

A good breeder will always be there to take your phone call and to answer questions that they are sure of or to guide you to someone more qualified if they don't. Here at Lebenshunger German Shepherds, we will always answer the phone and be happy to guide you for the life of your dog.

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