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Obsessing over your puppy's health.

After 20 years of breeding and selling puppies around the world I can say that, "I've heard it all." I could say that, but then, I'd be lying, because as sure as I'm sitting here writing this blog, I will get a call from someone at sometime telling me about what their vet told them or what "concerns" they have about their puppy, or what they are feeding their puppy to make them grow, etc., etc., etc., and believe me I've been told some doozies.

I get it...your new German Shepherd puppy is your baby and you want the very best for him/her so you are diligently watching every little detail of their development. Please stop! You are more likely a hindrance than you are a help.

The other day I was talking with an associate of mine who is dealing with a woman who thinks that there are multiple things wrong with her puppy. She has made numerous visits to her vet with her baby and they cannot find anything clinically wrong with the dog, but she insists that he walks funny, is too skinny, itches and scratches himself, etc. So in the process she is switching up foods to get him to eat more and even adding Mayonnaise to his kibble to "fatten him up." Of course the puppy has constant diarrhea and she just cannot understand why!! (A note on the itching here: Mayonnaise contains a high soy content and many dogs are allergic to soy).

Another new puppy owner brings their new puppy to the vet because at 12 weeks, they think they "walk funny." Well, yes, all GSD's at that age, and a bit older, walk funny because they are growing rapidly and their limbs are keeping up and well, things do get a little clumsy. As they grow, however, and build muscle, they also become less awkward and that clumsy gait becomes a beautiful, graceful trott.

You see where I am going with this.... STOP IT! You could be, and probably are, harming your puppy with these obsessions. Leave your puppy alone and let them be a puppy. Stop obsessing. Unless there is anything that has been diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian of a "clinical" nature, leave your puppy alone and allow them to grow into the majestic and graceful German Shepherd that they are meant to be. Let your puppy play and grow. You add food (one kind only please), water and lots of love.

We'll be talking about "Food" next so stay tuned. That's always a fun subject because you know...Everyone feeds their dog the BEST food!!! ;)

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