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Even in this age of information, I am often amused by the number old wives tales that are still counted as true among so many. Let's endeavor here to set the record straight once and for all. Old Wives Tale #1: If i neuter my male it will calm him down! The answer is...No it won't. Now, I don't know what your definition of calming down is or what your definition of being over active is, but one thing is for sure...removing his testicles will not accomplish anything to calm your dog down. If your dog is overly active, it is either in the breeding or in the raising. Working dogs tend to be much more active than showline dogs, for example and if you are raising your puppy to constantly "play b

I read it on the Internet!!!

It's not so much that liberals are ignorant, it's just that they know so many things that aren't so." -Ronald Reagan. Well, with great apologies to my many liberal friends, I included this timeless quote by Ronald Reagan to make a point about the people who offer advice about your German Shepherd on the internet that isn't so, and believe me....the vast amount of false information on the internet is mind boggling, and I cringe every time I get a call from someone with a question about their German Shepherd and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is; "I read on the internet that my dog should....." Please, I'm begging you...stop reading the internet. The advice you are getting on th

Obsessing over your puppy's health.

After 20 years of breeding and selling puppies around the world I can say that, "I've heard it all." I could say that, but then, I'd be lying, because as sure as I'm sitting here writing this blog, I will get a call from someone at sometime telling me about what their vet told them or what "concerns" they have about their puppy, or what they are feeding their puppy to make them grow, etc., etc., etc., and believe me I've been told some doozies. I get it...your new German Shepherd puppy is your baby and you want the very best for him/her so you are diligently watching every little detail of their development. Please stop! You are more likely a hindrance than you are a help. The other day I wa

It's Consistency, Not Training!

What is all the fuss about? You don't want to get a puppy in the winter because it's too cold to train your puppy? "Puppy Training" is probably the most misunderstood phrase in the dog world because of one simple reason....It's not training!! Training your puppy does not take special knowledge. All it takes is common sense and most importantly....are you ready for it.....consistency. This is where we all fail. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, that road begins at the door of Puppy training. We all have "good intentions" when we get a new puppy. We've seen videos of German Shepherds doing amazing things and we want a German Shepherd just like that. So what's the problem? Is y

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