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This is my old boy, Ajax. He loves his Big Barker, and the difference this bed has made in his overall health is astounding. Both young and old bones need comfort and support, not the floor or a cheap bed that sags and loses its ability to support your friend.


With 22 years of breeding experience, I can assure you that there is nothing more important than making sure your German Shepherd's hips and joints are protected. So many people place great thought into the dog food that they are feeding their Shepherd, making sure it gets the very best nutrition, but hardly a second thought about where they lay down. A hard floor, even a carpeted floor is detrimental to the healthy development of hips, joints and even the digestive system. 

Just as you and I need a firm but comfortable mattress to support our spine and joints, no less is true for your German Shepherd's spine and joints, and just as it is important for the development of young hips and joints, so it is for old ones too. Your old friend needs their joints supported to remain being active, and while other cheaper beds will quickly sag and lose their support, the Big Barker will not. It's guaranteed. 

We highly recommend the Big Barker. This is a solid bed that will help keep your German Shepherd active and alert for the life of your best friend. This is a small investment with a huge return. 

I personally urge you to invest in this bed as I have. You could not be doing your dog a greater service than providing it with this kind of support and comfort. PLUS....your order will be drop shipped right to your door. 

Click here to choose a Big Barker in a variety of colors and sizes that will best suit your dogs needs. 

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