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German Shepherd puppies for sale in  New York

We have delivered our puppies to cities all over the country so traveling should not prohibit you from owning the finest-bred German Shepherd. We offer first-rate delivery service by air to your nearest major airport or right to your door with our ground delivery. Please call us to find out how easy it is for you to own one of our outstanding German Shepherds and have it delivered. 207-659-4999



Our Story

Lebenshunger has been a breeder of world class German Shepherds since 1997. For more than 27 years we have been importing, breeding and producing the finest German Shepherds to be found anywhere. Each one bred with careful attention to every detail including health, beauty and temperament, and we can bring this excellence right to your door. 

Every Lebenshunger German Shepherd comes with a genetic health guarantee for the life of the dog. Our reputation for producing excellence is well known and we back that up with the best guarantee in the business. 

Don't let distance matter when it comes to adding a new family member. Don't just settle for less because it is closer to you. No matter where you are, we will deliver to you and then back up our puppies with the same outstanding guarantee as if you lived next door. 

Lebenshunger German Shepherds...Why Settle for Less. 


Lebenshunger German Shepherds

534 Pushaw Road

Bangor, Maine 04401



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