Anja Naissus Jewels

In addition to her gorgeous classic look, Anja is a great producer of pups with outstanding color, type and temperament. It is always a pleasure when we have puppies to offer from this female

LaMunja od Mise-Nis

Munja brings strong pigmentation to our breeding program. She has exquisite conformation, and produces pups with excellent proportions and high levels of confidence. 

Kety vom Fanino

Kety puppies are simply amazing. They have heavy bone and large heads. Couple this with her gentle demeanor and you have an awesome family companion. 

Anuja vom Lebenshunger

Anuja is a heavy bodied female with a kind, loyal disposition. She produces large, big boned puppies that grow into magnificent German Shepherds. Bronn vom Lebenshunger is one of her progeny!

Assi Naissus Jewels

As a sister to Anja, Assi brings all the same traits of color and confidence as well as stunning good looks to her puppies. Proof positive that you can never have too much of a good thing. 

Angie od Mise-Nis

This is a girl whose pedigree reaches back to some of Germany's great producers. Always what we are looking for when considering a female for breeding as she is certain to bring those traits is in this respect that Angie does not fail. 

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