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      The Males

Max od Petkovica

Max od Petkovica

The son of Germany's VA2 Illiano vom Fichtenschlag, This male is producing very large boned, black and red puppies. Gorgeous pigment and conformation. He is a star in our kennel. 


Bronn vom Lebenshunger

A very special male with a bloodline going back to the great Hobby Gletschertopf, and Jeck Noricum. Bronn is the great grandson of my original import male, Ingo vom Haus Schalk. We know his lines and what wonderful puppies they produce. People have been raving about these Ingo lines for many years. 

Degenerative Myelopathy

Marit vovs Backa Muppet


Marit has a huge head with a large frame. He is a very muscular and powerful Shepherd with a luxurious black and red plush coat. If this is more to your liking, then Marit is your guy. A gentle and affectionate fellow with his family and friends but a fierce protector of his home. 


Gary od Mise Nis

Recently imported from Europe, Gary is the son of Germany's VA1 Gary vom Huhnegrab. His pedigree is Royalty. He's a young male eager to please. Fun to be around Gary is energetic with a bit of mischief, but oh so gentle and kind. 


Lary de la Madonina

Another recent import from Europe, Lary is a large, powerful male of tremendous substance and impeccable pedigree. Don't let his large frame fool you though. He has an outstanding   temperament and is very loyal and affectionate.  


Jax vom Lebenshunger

One of the finest males we have ever produced. We could go on forever  about Jax! Kind, loving, funny, and intelligent. He is a favorite for sure. He is extremely well put together with a large frame, regal head, and rich black and red pigmentation. 

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