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I want first pick!

Let's begin by challenging old wives tales (those old wives had a lot of tales, didn't they).

First...I want the puppy to pick me! Let's agree here...they'll all pick you. All puppies love attention and to suggest that there will be one who will choose you to go home with is, well, let's just say, WRONG.

The hallmark of a good breeding program is consistency. That is, you don't have a wide variation of temperaments within the litter. There isn't one that is demonstrably more outward or one that is very shy and withdrawn. A good breeding will result in consistency across the board. Stand in the middle of a litter of Lebenshunger German Shepherd puppies. Choose one. Put it down with its littermates, and I guarantee you will not be able to find the same puppy twice!

There are slight variations in color. Some will have a darker face or lighter mantel, for example. Some may be slightly larger, but here again, the smallest of the litter often catches up with the rest, and sometimes even exceeds the rest, so it's difficult to judge the book by its cover at 8 weeks.

So who gets first pick? We do. We will work with you in every possible way when it comes to size and color but because of the uniformity in our litters, we do not offer puppies on a first come, first served with regard to temperament or choosing you. Every puppy will be matched with the buyer for the greatest success and trust will not be disappointed. Just ask anyone who owns a Lebenshunger puppy.

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