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. Gaps in the field of applied mathematics, obtained in 1971 at the University of Chicago under Peter Swett, brought Terman under Carl. On arrival at Princeton he was introduced to Carl Weber, William Slingsby Rogers and William S. The most significant of these projects was Euler's first and only paper, On the Conjugacy of Mechanical Systems, the first paper in the field. Terman was a strong proponent of Weber's work on transcendental numbers, a paper that was published posthumously. It proved to be a landmark contribution to the study of the link between analytic and transcendental number theory. Carl Terman is also known for his many contributions to differential geometry in general and to the foundational work of the differential geometry of surfaces.Q: MySQL query with multiple WHERE criteria I am trying to use a MySQL query to search on multiple fields in one table. The table is a a small fraction of the size of the actual table, and I've put in some sample data here. I've used this post to try and come up with the following: SELECT `field_one` FROM `table` WHERE `field_one`=1 AND `field_two`=2 AND `field_three`=3 However, I'm only getting one result back, not all three. It seems like it's being filtered out before it reaches the query, but I can't figure out how to get it to work. If I run the query with just one of the criteria: SELECT `field_one` FROM `table` WHERE `field_one`=1 It will get me all three results. A: You should use AND: _nodes_number_df_from_info = 0 else: # Remove the `_nodes_number_df_from_info` field. is_dense = False if is_sparse: # Merge




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