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Quality breeding is a skill that comes with tremendous study, attention to detail, and expense.  importing merely for the sake of having a Shepherd with a European name in your kennel because it sounds impressive does not make one a breeder.  We import specific “foundation bloodlines” that we established 20 years ago and one which has proven to produce outstanding health, beauty and superior temperament in the puppy we place in your home. More imortantly, we have traveled to Germany many, many times over the years, attending shows, visiting kennels and learning from the very best German breeders. It is a dedication to the breed and to you, our client. Please rest assured that great care and thought has gone into the puppy we place in your home, so when you purchase a German Shepherd from us, it’s not just a German Shepherd……it’s a Lebenshunger German Shepherd!  Just ask these folks. 

Hi Kevin,

Kurt and I wanted to thank you for such a great puppy dog!!! She is everything and beyond. I couldn't even imagine that a 4 months old puppy can be so smart. 

Our Lola is potty trained, lets us know when somebody pulls over to the driveway, loves to walk, swim and very friendly to other people and dogs. She is a great companion and always wants to be involved in everything we do. 

We went for a small hike today and a lady commented: That it is so nice to see a REAL German Shepherd. Nowadays people have something that doesn’t look like a German Shepherd... We were so proud of our little girl. 

Irina Schell



Dear Patti and Kevin,

Just a quick hello to say thank you. Gunnar has been a wonderful addition to our family. He's so sweet and gentle and has met a ton of people already, and everyone loves him. 

And believe it or not, I put him in his crate by 9pm and he sleeps until 5am. 

All the best,Eden, Gabe, Leah and Gunnar 


Mordecai and Mia. He loves little kids and babies. Today little Mia was crying and he came over, gave her some kisses and she started giggling. He’s a lover!

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I had a great experience with Lebenshunger German Shepherds. When I first contacted Kevin to reserve a puppy, I was a little anxious. This was my first dog, and of course my first German Shepherd. Kevin was friendly, reassuring, and invited me up to visit the puppies before mine was ready to come home.

Now, a year later, Baxter is one of the best decisions I ever made. He is intelligent, friendly, and absolutely beautiful. My boyfriend and I take him everywhere. He loves meeting other animals, playing in the water, and following us all over my parents’ farm. He is our best friend. Thank you Kevin! 

Emily Hamblin 

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 We love our pup Tess.  She is a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament to match.  Smart as a whip and eager to please.  Tess is also sweet and gentle with our kids, and always aware of where they are and aren’t.  We live in the country and wanted a shepherd to love and watch over our kids, and that is exactly what you provided us with.  I will never worry about the safety of our children when they are out playing in the woods so long as Tess is with them, and you cannot put a price tag on that. 

John Scully

Tess March 2017-8 Months

Hi Kevin and Patty,

You may get tired of me raving about Harley but people keep telling me how awesome he is, like no other pet I have ever had.

The neighbors ask to take him on walks with their dogs.

The veterinarians all comment on what an awesome temperament he has and ask where I got him.  I mean, they REPEATEDLY tell me that I have a special dog, not just once or twice.  They comment on his coloring, that he looks more like an import, that his socialization skills are great. 

One of my husband’s customers at his auto shop has an autistic boy that has fallen in love with him. He comes to visit him as a special treat.  Harley has been visited by the boy’s social worker as well.  They tell me the boy comes out of his shell when he is with or around Harley.  They are working on ways to incorporate visits to Harley as part of the boy’s treatment plan.  

All the delivery men bring him dog treats.  They know him at the drive thru teller at the bank.  People who don’t like dogs seem to like Harley.  The obnoxious boys down the road who have caused several neighborhood disputes, even THEY have been spotted playing with Harley. 

And, my favorite story is how the police officer that patrols the area near my husband’s auto shop has taken Harley for rides, visited the police station (and checked out the holding cell where he had his photo taken), and sat through a couple of radar patrols keeping the policeman company.  

Truly an exceptional dog, and I am sure it is his great breeding and his wonderful training.  Not only has he touched our lives, but has already enriched the lives of others, and he’s only 3 years old.  

Happy Easter to you all!

Kendra Steel

Woolwich, ME

I can tell you without reservation that Lebenshunger German Shepherds are outstanding! My dog is now three years old and not only a great beauty (we get comments all the time walking down the street) and an exceptionally well-tempered companion dog, but a true classic as well. He is protective when required and friendly when not. He is calm and gentle, but powerful and alert. He is obedient and will learn any command with about five repetitions. He is exceptionally intelligent! 

We (my husband and I) have both had German Shepherds since we were children, one of them K9 trained by the Massachusetts State Police. This is one of the best! He is up there with any I have known. 

Here are some photos some taken last year he's even bigger now, filling out and still growing! He's probably going to reach 98 pounds. Right now he's 89. Hips X rayed: Excellent! 

Kevin is a wonderful breeder and owner. He handles puppies from birth and he treats all his dogs as inside and companion dogs. I don't know how he does it but his expansive house is always welcoming and chock full of happy and gorgeous Shepherds each one of them gets individual attention all the time!!! The man has superpowers I think...

He's also a great friend, and will be one to you where your dog and his or her future is concerned. 

He also uses the finest hand picked stock from Germany. He travels there himself! I have seen nothing but gorgeous dogs with fine temperaments and classic confirmation over there for the many years that I've known Kevin and I will get his dogs over and over again (I am never without a German Shepherd!) 

Melody Talcott


I have owned German Shepherd dogs my entire life, each one unique and my forever friend. When searching for a new puppy, 

I do my homework researching breeders and their dogs. I lost my dear Tucker in June 2014, with thoughts of not enduring that feeling of tremendous loss again, I was done sharing my heart with another puppy. By August my life seemed empty without a canine companion. 

I had been checking breeders and GSD pictures trying to fill a void. There were 3 breeders North of us, my husband and I made a day trip up 95. Needless to say, the only place we went was Lebenshunger, our first stop and the only one needed. After a 2 hour visit we headed home with our new family member.

The kennel area was large, clean and open. The puppies were well socialized, Kevin allowed us to take any of them one by one, we saw the parents. Kevin was interviewing us as well, I respect that. Our Taser, soon to be 3 yo, is a wonderful example of good breeding. He is intelligent, beautiful, protective without being aggressive, smart, a quick learner and silly at times. He has been very healthy and has no weird quirks or fears some dogs have.

I recommend Lebenshunger to every one I know who is looking for a German Shepherd.

Betty Rines

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Hi Kevin,  

Dawn and Ken here.  Well, we just absolutely adore Lulu.  She just turned a year old and is about as lovey dovey as she can be.  Probably the most affectionate GSD we have owned.  She loves it when Luger chases her in the yard and she loves to steal his sticks or toys(whichever he has at the time).  We take them down the trail and onto the Eastern Trail for walks off leash.  We really should work her more on  leash but we have a fenced in acre so most of the time we are playing in the yard.  She has done a bit of shrub damage this year.  It seems that when the wind blows the shrub branches, Lulu thinks the shrub is throwing down the gauntlet. Lulu wins the dual every time.  

Her personality is cautiously friendly.  She is a smidge timid when she meets new adults, but she loves her little people and approaches them more confidently. Lulu has attached herself to Ken.  She feels he needs her at his side no matter where he is.  Always.  

We tried to adopt a small dog.  A little rat terrier named Saffron.  It did not work out because Saffron was a street dog and felt the need to escape so we had to return her, however, Lulu loved her and they were fast friends.  It is very nice to see this welcoming side to her with other animals.  

Lulu is also an avid TV watcher. Animal planet is a fave and she lets us know it! What else can I say, Kevin?  We have a beautiful sweetheart and she is as happy as can be.    I would send photos but I am a dummy on the computer and don’t own a smartphone, so you will have to take our word for it;  She’s beautiful.  Hope your snow is melting and that you enjoy some sunshine soon. 


Hi Kevin!

 I figured I would stop by and give you an update on Sadie now that she's just over a year old. 

She is pretty amazing. Her temperament and intelligence are off the charts. She comes with us almost every where we go and people always stop to tell us how beautiful or how well behaved she is. This past weekend we were in Home Depot and a lady walked down the isle with a little Yorkie. I could tell she was petrified. I told Sadie to "sit" and "leave it" and then I told the woman she could walk right by and Sadie wouldn't flinch. She was skeptical so she picked up her dog but when she passed by, Sadie didn't move. She was extremely impressed. Then she met 4 brothers probably between 3 and 8 years old. They asked if they could pet her and I said sure. She was so loving and gentle. 

Aside from our daily "adventures" I would say that her two favorite things to do are go mountain biking and go to puppy play school. Even though my wife and I work from home, we still drop her off for an afternoon once a week or so, so she's continuously exposed to other dogs and has some fun playtime. She has never met an animal that she didn't want to play with, by the way. 

She is also showing her herding instincts when she's out playing with the kids. If they get too far out of the yard towards the woods, she'll give them a little nudge in the ankle to get them turned around. We figured that she might enjoy putting that instinct to better use so we bought 6 baby chicks. They're only a couple of weeks old so they're still in the house but every day she has to go down to the basement a few times and check on them. She lives a pretty charmed life and has been the perfect addition to our family.

I would highly recommend a  Lebenshunger German shepherd.  Sasha was so loving and a very friendly dog. Very smart.  When she passed we were heartbroken.  We immediately contacted Kevin as we only wanted another Lebenshunger pup.  As luck would have it, Kevin had a new litter of pups that would be ready in a few weeks.  We drove to Bangor Maine from Billerica Massachusetts to pick out our new pup as we wanted a very loving and family dog. That is the kind of dogs you get from Kevin. 

Charlotte Tocio

TRUSTWORTY….We breed our Shepherds to be trusted, family companions.

Intelligent….Select breeding make our Shepherds easily trainable.

Healthy…..Lebenshunger German Shepherds are bred from the worlds finest bloodlines, ensuring a happy, healthy dog for many years.

LOYAL and TRUSTED: Superior Breeding assures you of the very best temperament. 

© Kevin Schmersal 2017