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Do our Shepherds have great temperaments and are they good with children? You be the judge!!!!

Your family will never know a truer, more loyal and faithful friend. 


But make no mistake, not all Shepherds are equal. This is a Lebenshunger German Shepherd; Carefully bred with nearly 20 years of experience in selecting Europes finest bloodlines that will bring this kind of beauty, health and temperament to your home. There are no substitues. 


To know what Lebenshunger German Shepherd owners think of ourdogs and our kennel,please make sure you visit our Facebook page. Just click on the Facebook link on this page. There you will see many of our dogs and puppies that have been posted by our clients, and read what they have to say about their Lebenshunger German Shepherd.  

There is only ONE Lebenshunger German Shepherd breeder. Our German Shepherds simply cannot be matched. Thank you for visiting. 


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